Roosmarijn Baerveldt

“I’ve not just got my nose in the books: I can focus on my creativity too.”
student Creative Business

Roosmarijn (21) enrolled on the 3-year Creative Business programme after graduating high school. It was a choice she wouldn’t have predicted a few years before.

Letting go of old dreams for new

“When I was five, I was absolutely certain I wanted to be a vet. I did my best at school and chose the subjects I needed to do veterinary science. But the length, location and the very theoretical side to the course made me realize that my life was going to be very different. I decided to look for another degree to do and chose Creative Business. I now get to combine my creativity with leadership skills as it prepares you to be a manager in the creative industry. And a huge plus to this programme is that there’s also a fast track version. So instead of getting my degree in four years, I’ll get it in three. And I’m really looking forward to getting down to work.”

Trading theory for practice

“I’m in my first year at the moment and I’m really happy with my decision. We have contact hours each week on campus where we get to work on the theory as a class. On top of that, I work on assignments from real companies. Just recently I’ve been working on a research report for a local company’s podcast channel. It put me straight into an advisory role. It's really interesting to see what content is relevant for a business and great that I've already got a foot in the door of the real world. Next semester we're going to be creating content and the focus will be on digital literacy and analysing and evaluating media products. It's something I had to get used to because I was accustomed to getting a lot of theory on my previous course, but the combi is what makes it fun and challenging.”

That’s another cookie

“This fast track Creative Business programme is completely in English. It's a huge advantage if you ask me. And it's really interesting learning about all the different people and cultures. You might at first wonder how you'll manage speaking English non-stop, but my class mates don't all speak English fluently either. It's a struggle for everyone at some point, so the insecurity quickly disintegrates. What's more, my fellow international students have all come here on their own which means you quickly bond. That really helps form the group and we've all become really close.”

When I grow up

“I'm still young and I like lots of different things. At the moment, the fashion world really appeals to me. In my spare time, I'm working for a company that makes video clips and I think I could do something like that in the future, like being a production manager. I'm also really interested in drawing up marketing plans, so the prospects are pretty broad really. The nice thing about this programme is that you get the chance to explore everything. I get to pave my own way by choosing the subjects I want to do and a minor. And I even get the chance to start my own business within the programme. It all means you really get to focus on the things you enjoy and what you think you'll need later.”

To find out more about the programme, check out the Creative Business programme page.