Sabina Carlasuc

Sabina Carlasuc
“I immediately felt a connection; like I was already part of this community.”
Sabina Carlasuc
Student Marketing Management

Sabina (19 years) is studying Marketing Management in Emmen. She comes from Moldova, a small country between Romania and Ukraine. Ever since she is on high school, her dream is to study abroad. Eventually she would like to become an entrepreneur and wants to start her own marketing agency.

“I immediately felt a connection; like I was already part of this community. “

“In my country it is very common to travel and study abroad. Of course there are universities in Moldova, but I always dreamed of experiencing the world and to get out of my comfort zone. A lot of my friends were planning to study in a foreign country too, so that was an easy decision. First I searched for the ‘top 10 best universities’ in the Netherlands and I looked them up on social media. When I was scrolling down on the Instagram page of NHL Stenden I immediately felt a connection; like I was already part of this community. The stories were very personal and I could familiarize myself with them. A lot of other universities aren’t on social media and when they do, it is more formal. Another reason why I had chosen to study at NHL Stenden, and in particular the campus in Emmen, is because they’re offering a study programme that completely focuses on Marketing. Not many studies do. So I applied for the study course Marketing Management.”

“I made a huge step in my personal development”

“It took me a little while to adjust. But the teachers are very helpful and are willing to help me with any question I have. That was something I didn’t experienced before. From where I come there is a strict line between teachers and students. Here the teachers are very open, easily to approach and would like to know how you’re doing. That makes me feel very comfortable. Another thing I wasn’t familiar with is the way of teaching. It’s very practical based with guided theory from our books. Each two months you get a project to work and to focus on. Because you have to work on it in groups I was (and still am) able to learn a lot about myself and other cultures. Within my class I have fellow students from Romania, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania and even Latia. I was used to work on my own and could be very impulsive. Now I learn to work together and to discuss my point of view and the way I can express those. Therefore this university really prepares you for the professional field which you will be working in. “

Take the leap

“Even although I’m just yet a first year student, I know for sure I made the right decision. This study programme prepares me for what I would like to become: a marketing specialist. My dream is to set up my own marketing agency. To prepare me even better for this challenge I joined the Center of Entrepreneurship, a special course within NHL Stenden – who is supporting me with my idea, like writing a business plan or how to develop my entrepreneurial skills. And there are so many opportunities for me to come, like studying half-a-year in Bali where one of NHL Stenden Grand Tour locations is based. Everything that I do is guided through my life motto: get out of your comfort zone. Really, I would advise anyone to take that leap. It turns out great for me. “