Supriya Kanungo

“Be curious and you’ll find inspiration”
Supriya Kanungo
Student Exchange CMD

Passionate about branding and marketing, Supriya Kanungo was convinced that the NHL Stenden minor Branding Advertising Design would give her the grounding she needed to become a brand transformer. The experience surpassed her expectations.

“I’d visited the Netherlands in 2012 and was so captivated by its beauty that I really wanted to return. When I was choosing my minor, I decided I wanted to study in the Netherlands. The Dutch higher education system is regarded as one of the best in the world and the country is home to many world-renowned pioneers and inspiring intellectuals. It was 2019 when I got to go to NHL Stenden through its Overseas Credit Exchange Study Programme. My institute Pearl Academy in India is in education alliance with the NHL Stenden. Leeuwarden had just been European capital of culture and I loved its blend of Dutch culture and history.”

Become fearless

“Of course, the decision to study at NHL Stenden also had a lot to do with the educational concept it offered. The inter-disciplinary approach and real-world assignments were very exploratory and it was good to work in peer groups on real issues. There was a healthy sense of competition within and between groups which I found motivated me to make more progress. The feedback was always constructive so you could really learn from it. It generally had a system: start with expressing appreciation and then move on to the points that can be improved, the criticisms. It meant your morale was boosted as you knew what you were doing well, yet there was a sense of respect for each other that meant it was safe to make mistakes and develop. It helped me become fearless in making decisions, however bold.”


“At that time, I was the only international Erasmus student on the minor that was selected to be a project leader. It was great that my peers had such faith in me. And my mentors were really supportive.  We’re still in close contact and I still see them as my mentors – my overseas mentors. They encourage me to use the network they have and the network I’ve developed. I've made friends for life with people from all over the world, from Canada to Japan. Maybe this is one of the tips I’d pass on to other students: make sure you network and engage with the people around you. It’s a network that will stay with you for a long time. Another tip is to be curious and perceptive. If you’re curious, you’ll find inspiration to take you further. NHL Stenden offers many opportunities, it’s up to you to seize these opportunities, to explore and experiment as much as you can – the result will be life-changing.

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