Svenja Tietze

“I felt I’d made the right decision.”
Svenja Tietze
Leisure & Events Management student

Svenja was planning on taking a gap year, but COVID restrictions put paid to her plans. Instead she sped through finding a degree – and found the click with Leisure & Events Management at NHL Stenden. 

“I actually thought about a lot of different study programmes and even through about becoming a riding instructor at one point. I had so many different things going on, but in the end it was event management that appealed the most. And the one the most people said they could see me doing. I’ve always been good at organizing things, always been part of the organisation team when something was going on, so I decided to just give it a shot. Then I looked at the study programme and saw that it was pretty broad, so even if I don’t want to do event management afterwards, I’ve got a good management study that I can do lots of things with.

More and more information

Events management is basically unaffordable back home in Germany as the programme is mainly offered by private schools, so I went online to find out my options. I found NHL Stenden through a study portal. I was stumbling over the name because I’d never seen it before, but I saw it was in the Netherlands, so abroad, and the course was in English, and it’s hands-on and it’s affordable. That was it, I thought, I’m applying. Even if it doesn’t work out, I’m applying. I didn’t really think about other universities anymore. I’d decided this was the best course for me, and other studies just weren’t that appealing. There was just this click that I felt NHL Stenden was mine.

I checked out the website to see what else I could do to get more info about studying here. And it proved helpful. The Pre-arrival webinar was in-depth about everything. It was about the classes, about Design-Based Education, and about the whole living aspect, the legal aspects such as insurance, but also expenses, like how much am I going to spend on food, how much more expensive is it going to be than staying at home. All that kind of stuff. I’d lived by myself for two years before coming here so I had a pretty good idea of what my expenses were, but hearing from other people was interesting and at least then you know what kind of range costs can have.

The Pre-Arrival Webinar

The Pre-arrival webinar was advertised somewhere on the start page of the website so I picked up on it from there. Aside from all the information I got, what I remember most from the webinar was the presenter Neele. She seemed convinced and happy with what she was studying and yet she was so real because she also said it’s not always just sunshine and rainbows. She was honest and that stuck with me the most. Down to earth, honest and relatable. It made me feel I really had made the right choice.”

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Pre-arrival Webinar

Get the low-down on making a smooth transition to starting your degree at NHL Stenden. Join the pre-arrival webinar.