Yoana Georgieva

“I've learnt there's always room for improvement – and that you should never put creativity in a cage”
Yoana Georgieva
Communication and Multimedia Design student

When you have a lot of interests and hobbies, it can be difficult to decide what you want to study. And if you also love traveling and meeting new people, then the choice gets even broader. For Yoana it meant the world was at her feet.  

“I had a really challenging time finding the right degree subject for me. And I wasn’t completely sure at first if I really wanted to study abroad because the idea of leaving my family and friends behind scared me. But I love travelling and studying abroad is a great opportunity to travel. What's more, I like a challenge and pushing myself out of my comfort zone and studying abroad would certainly do that." 

Art and communication 

“I found out about NHL Stenden at an educational fair and was fascinated by the idea of the exchange programmes, the international network and the practical approach to learning. And I was amazed by the opportunities the university offered its students for exploring and developing themselves in the best possible way in their fields of interest. Communication and Multimedia Design won my heart. I remember how excited I was reading the course overview and thinking this was the perfect way of combining my passion for art with my interest in communication. I followed my heart and signed up for the degree.” 

My way of learning, my journey 

“The thing that makes this degree so unique is that it evolves around each of its students in a different way. It's given me the opportunity to gain experience in different design fields and this has helped me find my own personal artistic approach and concentrate on the skills I want to develop. I enjoy the freedom of organising my learning goals and activities myself although it frightened me at first. In the beginning of my CMD journey, I wasn’t sure this was the right approach for me and thought I'd end up losing time. How do you know you're learning the right stuff if there are no paper exams, no books and no step-by-step instructions for completing assignments? Thanks to the support I got from my personal study coach and other lecturers, I eventually discovered and applied the learning approach that best suited me and got the motivation to give my studies my best shot. I've learnt that there's no such thing as absolutely right or completely wrong and that there's always room for improvement. And, most importantly, that I should never put creativity in a cage. Keeping my creativity free helps me to follow my dreams – and my biggest one is to become an art director in the animation industry.” 

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