Io Vivat

Io Vivat Nostrorum Sanitas

Student association Io Vivat Nostrorum Sanitas was founded on the 28th of September 1987. Our roots are in Hospitality Management. However, since a few years we have broadened our horizon and opened our network to students studying in different fields throughout Leeuwarden.

As an upcoming student, you are probably wondering what Io Vivat will bring you during your time in Leeuwarden. We offer a place to meet new friends and to create your own unique network in the best years of your life. We currently have well over 500 active members who are always sticking out their necks for each other. They are looking forward to welcoming you to our own pub on Herenwaltje 5.

Our association is a place where you can socialize with your fellow students, as well as develop yourself as a Hotello. We organize many events, to name a some: we have our own prom, a sailing weekend, in February we go Skiing with more than 100 of our members, and many more! You can of course enjoy yourself during one of these events, but you can also help organize them. And if you want to know what it is like to run a bar, that is possible as well! All these committees will help you develop organizational and managerial skills. This will help you with your school, because Io Vivat is connected to NHL Stenden.

Concluding, Io Vivat Nostrorum Sanitas is an organisation with: network possibilities, friendships, organisational and creative competencies and so much more. We would like to offer you a great foundation for your future and are hoping to welcome you into our association in the upcoming academic year.

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