Marketing and Management in Asia 2

This minor focus on the development of the skill set of a commercial professional by demonstrating theoretical knowledge into practice. The twelve aspects of the commercial professional skill set are: critical thinking, problem-solving ability, creativity, curiosity, communication, collaboration, initiative, perseverance, adaptability, leadership, commercial awareness and responsibility.

Using theoretical knowledge acquired during the minor Marketing Management in Asia 1 or Doing Business in China, students will create a feasible business consultancy plan within a Balinese business context. The suggested business solution within the business consultancy plan requires validation by means of an urban safari activity. The students will be supported by multiple coaching meetings and at least two client meetings.

Students need to present a topic related to the contemporary business environment within an Asian context and demonstrate cultural and ethical awareness. Furthermore, the students need to critically reflect on their professional commercial skillset and cultural and ethical awareness developed throughout the module.



Study start

  • April
  • November


  • Bali


  • English

European credits

  • 15 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Business and Management

Minor content

The minor has the following units and topics:

Unit 1: Business Consultancy (9 EC)
Key topics covered: Business research, management skills, creative thinking, presentation skills, sales strategy, financial feasibility, project planning, marketing strategy, HRM strategies, validation business solution, client.

Unit 2: Contemporary Business Issues in Asia (3 EC) 
Key topics covered: Contemporary Business issues in Asia.

Unit 3: Asian Business Culture (3 EC) 
Key topics covered: Leadership, development and reflection of Personal Skills

Structure of the minor

The minor is organised into 3 units and with the learning outcomes of:

Unit 1: Business Consultancy (9 EC)
Learning outcome: Students can create a strategic business consultancy plan for a Balinese business based on an analysis of the regional industry.

Unit 2: Contemporary Business Issues in Asia (3 EC) 
Learning outcome: Students can evaluate contemporary business issues and consequently design innovations for the Asian market.

Unit 3: Asian Business Culture (3 EC)
Learning Outcome: Students can critically reflect on the development of their commercial skillset.


The assessment in the minor is organised as follows

  • Unit 1: Business Consultancy (9 EC) 
    Assessment: Written Business Consultancy Plan + Defence.
  • Unit 2: Contemporary Business Issues in Asia (3 EC) 
    Assessment: Peer and Tutor Assessment on Student Led Seminar
  • Unit 3: Asian Business Culture (3 EC) 
    Assessment: Portfolio (Reflective Essays)

Admission requirements

Admission Requirements: The students should have completed or participated in one of the Minors below:

  • Marketing and Management in Asia 1
  • Doing Business in China


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