Spa Business Strategy

Want to learn how to develop, manage and sustain a business in the thriving spa and wellness industry? Discover what creative concepts you can use to beat the fierce competition? Learn what is needed to ensure the feasibility of a business solution plan? Then Spa Business Strategy is the minor you've been waiting for!
We'll also pay attention to well thought out strategies with good understanding of the local customs, rules and regulations and presenting your business solution plan in a well-rehearsed and professional manner.


Study start

  • April
  • November


  • Bali


  • English

European credits

  • 15 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Hospitality Management
  • Tourism and Leisure

Minor content

The origin of spa practices can be traced back to ancient times, however, it was only during the last two decades that spa treatments have grown into a multibillion-dollar industry. This rapid growth has changed the perception of many consumers about health, beauty and wellness.

Many entrepreneurs and international organisations have acknowledged the diverse opportunities within this industry and to translate the clients demands, needs and expectations, have implemented wellness and spa concepts into their business formula. Professionalism, consistency and delivering a satisfying experience, combined with the uniqueness of the offerings as well as keeping up with the trends are the keys to be a successful player within the demanding spa industry.

The Spa Business Strategy minor focuses on how to develop, manage and sustain a spa business solution that meets those high demands. To do so, students, acting as spa consultants, are required to assist a client to solve their business challenges by designing a sound Spa Business Solution Concept which will be presented to the client at the end of the module.

Structure of the minor

To equip the students with the means to design the business solution concept, Case Base Learning (CBL) sessions, various masterclasses and lectures on Market Analysis, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Selling Business Plan and Revenue management in the spa industry will be presented by experts from the field. Consultation sessions are provided in case students need to discuss specific/details issues arising during the designing of the concept. Furthermore, to provide the students with the understanding of holistic philosophies behind the thriving industry, workshops on traditional and contemporary therapies and practices will also be conducted.

Student-led seminar attended by spa industry players as well as visits to different types of spas are expected to give inspirations on how unique spa and wellness concepts are being implemented into real products and how real spa operations are conducted. Knowledge gained during this minor will not only be valuable to future professionals with a passion for spa & wellness but will support anyone who aims to start a business in the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure industry.    


  • Business Solution Concept 
  • Student-Led Seminar (entrepreneurship week) 
  • Reflective essay 
  • Defence - Presenting the business solution concept to the clients 



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