Coming Out Day


Coming Out Day, which takes place annually on October 11, focuses on the moment when gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders openly declare their sexual preference or gender identity, their ‘coming out’. Coming-Out Day first took place in 1988 in the United States and has been held in the Netherlands since 2009.

At NHL Stenden, we embrace diversity and inclusion philosophy. Our starting point is that everyone, regardless of gender, sexual preference, age, religion, disabilities in any form, skin color and social or ethnic background should feel welcome and safe with us. That’s why we want to pay special attention to the LGBT+ group within our university of applied sciences on Coming Out Day.

NHL Stenden is proud that a group of students and employees is active within the NHL Stenden Pride group within the university of applied sciences. This group is open to everyone and aims to make the LGBT+ community within the university visible to anyone who needs support with coming out, to be available with information for education, to act as a discussion partner in the university's broad diversity philosophy.  And of course to make ‘noise’ at LGBT+ holidays or anniversaries!

This year Coming-Out day has a special touch, it is also the week in which Pink Saturday, an annual national event, is held and this time in our Frisian capital.

What can you expect from Coming-Out day to Pink Saturday this week?

- On Monday 11 October you will come across photos of people 'coming out' or people who give the community a warm heart on the social media of NHL Stenden but also on the social media of NHL Stenden Pride.

- On Tuesday 12 October, IDARE will organize a webinar with the theme: 'Pride!'. Join the webinar via this link.

- On Saturday 16 October, all kinds of activities are organized on Pink Saturday, you will find us on board one of the boats in the Canal Parade, on the square in front of the Neushoorn with information from NHL Stenden Pride and our partners from the RuG, dBieb, Kunstkade, Koning & Koning, COC, Tumba, Friese Poort and Friesland College. For more information check the website.

- Call to plant a flag online via Regenboogvlaggen voor Fryslân 🏳️‍🌈 Doe mee: plant jouw vlag op de kaart! ( By doing this you can show that everyone is welcome in the community of Friesland, regardless color or whoever you love or want to love.

If you want to know more about NHL Stenden Pride, sign up via this link.