Hotel Management School plants a tree for every graduating student


Over 120 Hotel Management School students received their diplomas in Leeuwarden on Saturday. This festive moment also had a sustainable edge, as the hotel school is planting a tree for every student who graduates. "We want to have an impact on tomorrow's world and contribute to a better world," said the student.

NHL Stenden is committed to sustainability. Hotel Management School director Marco ten Hoor: "We always like to give our graduates, in addition to their diploma, something to take with them. We thought long and hard about what exactly that should be. Each time we came up with the fact that we want to have an impact on the world of tomorrow and contribute to a better world."

It became planting a tree: one for each graduate student, spread around the world. The action was conceived and rigged in collaboration with partner Hotels for Trees. Linde Borger - alumna of Hotel Management School and currently working at Hotels for Trees: "The impact of this green choice contributes directly to (re)forestation. Currently with us 147 hotels, including Notiz Hotel, in 20 different countries participate and together we plant 500 to 600 trees per day. The goal is to grow this contribution to 1 million trees a year by 2025."

Ten Hoor: "We are proud to have realized this project together with Hotels for Trees, contributing to a better world. We are glad that we as Hotel Management School were able to contribute to this and will continue to do so in the future."