In an open letter to Minister Dijkgraaf of OCW, NHL Stenden's executive board calls for a sustainable long-term vision on internationalisation

On 22 December 2022, the higher education received a request from Minister Dijkgraaf of OCW to stop actively recruiting international students with immediate effect. In the attached open letter to the minister, the Executive Board of NHL Stenden responds to this call. Minister Dijkgraaf has promised the House of Representatives proposals in February for structural controlling the intake of international students.

According to the Chair of the Executive Board, Erica Schaper, the recruitment of international students actively contributes to solving shortages in the labour market. “There is a high demand for personnel and the current labour market means that a percentage of our international students stay in the area and fill these vacancies. As an educational institute, we play a major role in the region.”

NHL Stenden understands that there are housing problems across the country but experiences the shortages to a far lesser extent in the north. Schaper: “Issues concerning an excess of international students and a lack of housing play a far smaller role in our area, far outweighed by the strong contribution international cooperation and foreign students make to our development as a vital region.”

Internationalisation continues to be part of our strategy, just as the vitality of our region continues to be a focus area for our work. We feel it is important to continue to welcome our international students and value the contribution they make to our institute and society.

Read the letter below.