Innovative Dopper Water Tap at NHL Stenden makes it more fun and easier to fill reusable water bottle

Student tapt 1e Dopper

On 29 September NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences opened the Dopper Water Tap at its Leeuwarden location together with alderman Evert Stellingwerf (responsible for climate & energy, sustainable development and circular economy). A Water Tap was also opened in Emmen and Mathijs Rutten, director of Campus & Facility Management, immediately signed the Dopper Wave with which the university makes some sustainable and healthy promises. People still buy disposable bottles because it is easy, Dopper learned from research. Also, public water taps are hard to find. Dopper's recognisable water tap at a central location gives students and staff direct insight into their own positive impact via a digital screen. And NHL Stenden sees in a dashboard how much plastic has been saved. "This helps us raise environmental awareness, make sustainability policies concrete and create a positive impact," said Victoria Snouck Hurgronje, sustainability booster within NHL Stenden.

National launch Dopper Water Tap

The Dopper Water Tap was festively unveiled on Wednesday evening 28 September at Naturalis in Leiden by Dopper CEO Virginia Yanquilevich, following an inspired speech by world-renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle on the importance of clean oceans. The first water taps are now available for use at eight partners, of which NHL Stenden is one.


Dopper Water Tap at more locations of NHL Stenden

At the Leeuwarden and Emmen locations, NHL Stenden simultaneously opened the Dopper Water Taps. Students and staff did not know beforehand what was going to happen, they were urged to attend and bring a water bottle. Those who did not yet have a sustainable bottle were given a Dopper for free (until supplies lasted). They could also up-spice their water bottle with bits of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Dopper Water Taps at locations in Meppel and on Terschelling will follow soon.