Keuzegids HBO 2022: NHL Stenden among top-4 universities of applied sciences for 4th year in a row

NHL Stenden best associate degree university of applied science in the Netherlands

With a well-earned fourth place ranking in the Keuzegids HBO 2022, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences has again reinforced its position among the best major universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. NHL Stenden has also been ranked as the number one university of applied sciences with the best Associate degree (Ad) study programmes. The Keuzegids published this rankings list for the first time this year. With 27 full-time, part-time and dual Ad study programmes, NHL Stenden easily earned the first place position in the rankings. Another 11 of the university of applied sciences’ study programmes have been named ‘Top Degree Programmes 2022’. This is an excellent result that the institution can be proud of.

NHL Stenden keuzegids 2022

“These results fill us with pride, especially after the exceptional time of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a wonderful acknowledgement of our staff’s efforts to offer the highest quality education. We’re therefore extremely pleased that our university of applied sciences has been named the best place to get an Associate’s degree. The degree may be a recent addition to the higher education landscape, but the Ad has already proven its added value for students, the education system and for the job market. We serve as a bridge between senior secondary vocational education and higher education, which makes our university of applied sciences curriculum more accessible to students. That’s important for practically-oriented students with ambitions to develop and remain employable over the long term.”

Erica Schaper, President of the Executive Board:

Best Associate degrees

The Keuzegids’ Associate Degrees rankings (Ad) are new this year. There is a growing demand in the job market for this two-year hands-on university of applied sciences curriculum. With its exceptional first-place ranking, NHL Stenden has earned title of ‘Best Associate Degrees’ for 2022. The Ad Online Content Creator programme was even named this year’s Top Study Programme.

“The Ad at NHL Stenden is a good intermediate step for me, because it offers an Ad diploma at the university of applied sciences level after only two years. Then I can think about continuing with a Bachelor’s programme or getting some work experience first. The Ad programme lets you keep your options open. And two years seems like a reasonable time frame that’s easy to imagine.”

Ilse Borst, Ad Content Creator student

11 Top Study Programmes

The Keuzegids has named 11 of NHL Stenden’s study programmes as Top Study Programmes. These are programmes that score 75 points or higher in the quality comparison. According to the Keuzegids, these 11 programmes are among the best in the Netherlands. Accountancy, Fine Arts and Design Education, Geography Education, Ocean Technology and Chemistry (offered in Emmen) have all earned the Top Study Programme seal of approval for several years in a row. Proud newcomers in the rankings list include: Communications, Chemical Technology, Chemistry (offered in Leeuwarden), Ad Online Content Creator and Theatre Education. The dual study programme Finance, Tax and Advice also earned the Top Study Programme title.


About the Keuzegids HBO 2022

Keuzegids is an independent consumer guide that evaluates and compares the quality of all study programmes offered in the Netherlands at the four levels of tertiary education: senior secondary vocational education (MBO), university of applied sciences (HBO), and university-level Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. Anyone considering enrolling in a degree programme, and those counselling future students, can find useful and knowledgeable assistance in the Keuzegids. The Keuzegids uses information from reliable sources, such as student evaluations in the National Student Survey (NSE), job market statistics from the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market and graduation rate statistics from the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences. In 2021, the NSE survey used a new questionnaire, so the Keuzegids compiled new topics for the student evaluations.

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