MIWB and Heerema collaborate on training DP operators using simulator training

MIWB, Heerema, DP-operator

Replicating real-time offshore scenarios training future DP operators to overcome every challenge offshore. With this new collaboration, the Willem Barentsz Maritime Institute (MIWB) will offer three The Nautical Institute accredited Dynamic Positioning (DP) courses to DP operators of Heerema Marine Contractors.

The courses are DP Induction, DP Simulator and DP Sea Time Reduction. These state-of-the-art courses are specifically tailored for (future) Heerema DP operators. The courses will be held at the simulation center at the Heerema Marine Contractors office in Leiden using the DNV certified DP simulator. Designed to replicate real-life scenarios aboard their vessels, participants will be immersed in an environment that mirrors every detail of maritime operations.

Heerema: "At Heerema Marine Contractors, we understand the importance of hands-on learning to master the complex systems installed on our vessels. That's why we are committed to providing the tools and expertise needed to excel in the maritime industry. Together with MIWB, we're committed to shaping the next generation of skilled professionals ready to face the challenges of the sea with confidence and precision."

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