Jurjen Jansen PhD (1983) is a senior researcher at the Cybersafety Research Group where he has been working since 2010. Jurjen’s work focusses on issues related to digital resilience of people and organizations. His research interests include human aspects of information security, cybercrime, victimization, human-computer interaction and behavioral change.

In 2018, Jurjen obtained his PhD in "behavioral information security" at the Open University of the Netherlands. His doctoral research focused on strengthening the online resilience of end users in the context of online banking. Jurjen also works on projects about knowledge and competencies of police officers regarding digital police work, managing cyber crises, smart cities and risk management, online fraud prevention and victimization, and much more. Before that, Jurjen was a researcher at the University of Twente from 2007 to 2010, where he conducted scientific research into electronic government. In 2007, he obtained his MSc in Communication Studies from the same university.

Dr. Jurjen Jansen

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