Tickets are being sold on an internet forum for a sold-out concert of your favourite band. What luck! But once the tickets have been paid for, they disappear. This is just one of the many examples of cybercrime to which young people can fall victim. But adults and businesses can also be targets of cyber criminals.

It is expected that the safety problems on the Internet will increase in the coming years. How do we make our digital society as safe as possible? The Cybersafety professorship of applied sciences responds to this question by carrying out top-quality, independent and practice-based, safety-specialised research and providing education at higher vocational and university level.

Our research primarily aims to provide clarity and identify problem areas. The professorship also works on developing methods to monitor trends in cybersafety.

With whom do we collaborate?

The professorship is specialised in security and cybersafety. Businesses and institutes can benefit from this. Through its practice-based research, the professorship can play a major role in the development of products or services, carrying out applied research and providing advice.

The mission of the professorship is expressed through 4 four main objectives:

  • Develop a consistent ‘Cybersafety’ research programme.
  • Realise a structural, substantial contribution to the education offered by  NHL Stenden, to benefit the level of the education and its practice orientation.
  • Contribute knowledge to the professional practice.
  • Place NHL Stenden on the map as a centre of expertise in the area of safety in national and international networks of knowledge institutes and the field.

Spearheads for the Cybersafety professorship are the themes: 

  • Patterns and trends in cybercrime
  • Youth and Cybersafety
  • Companies and Cybersafety
  • Combating the lack of safety in cyberspace


The Cybersafety professorship is a joint professorship of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and the Police Academy. The professorship has a social mission to contribute to the safety in a digitalised society.

The professorship wishes to achieve its mission by carrying out top-quality, independent and practice-based research to benefit safety education and safety practice. Spearheads in the research carried out by the Cybersafety professorship are ‘trends in cybercrime’, ‘youth and cybersafety’ and ‘companies and cybersafety’.


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