Water Technology

Water is a primary necessity of life. Without water, life would be impossible. No wonder that the Dutch government views this theme as one of the five highest priorities for investments in technological development. How do we make sure that we do not unnecessarily waste water? And how can we employ advanced techniques to give the growing world population access to water? The Water Technology professorship (applied sciences) aims to find answers to these questions by using scientific and education activities in the area of physically powered water processes and water technologies.

The professorship conducts research into sand filtration, monitoring, disinfecting, and low-budget technologies. We also research new technologies for developing countries.

European centre for water technology

We increase the professorship’s expertise by working together with a range of institutes and organisations in the area of water technology in Leeuwarden. After all, Leeuwarden was crowned European centre for water technology.

With whom do we collaborate?

We work together with a range of partners. Together with companies, knowledge institutes and governmental organisations, we create and share knowledge in the area of water technology. Working together increases our innovative power. And together we share one goal: cleaner water.

The Water Campus Friesland is our main partner. The campus consists of a chain of knowledge centres, research institutes and companies such as the ‘Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW)’ and ‘Wetsus European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology.

Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW)

The Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW) is an independent foundation. Its core business consists of supporting and improving innovative developments by offering services in the area of applied research. Broad knowledge, experience and facilities, enable CEW to offer services for a wide range of technical challenges.

CEW mainly collaborates with universities of applied sciences in this. Additionally, CEW aims to enable education to include knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship into the curriculum. This creates a healthy environment and knowledge infrastructure in which students, lecturers and companies operate in a mutually beneficial way.

Wetsus European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology

The Wetsus centre of excellence for sustainable water technology is a facilitating intermediary for trendsetting development of know-how in sustainable water technology. Wetsus creates a unique environment and strategic collaboration to develop profitable and sustainable state-of-the-art water technology. The inspiring and multi-disciplinary collaborations at Wetsus between companies and knowledge institutes from all over Europe, make innovations possible that are a valuable contribution to solutions for global water issues.

Innovation, collaboration, fun and reliability are the basis for all activities that Wetsus organises and carries out. Wetsus is a technological first-grade institute for water technology, situated in Leeuwarden. The scientific research are decided upon by the private and public water sector and conducted by prominent universities of applied sciences. The collaboration between NHL Stenden and Wetsus is aimed at closing the distance between both parties. This is being done by organising seminars and other events at which Wetsus researchers can exchange ideas with companies, students and employees.


The Water Technology professorship has been set up by NHL Stenden in the Engineering institute and is part of the Life Sciences & Technology (LS&T) unit. Classes of the study programmes of LS&T are being taught at both Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences and NHL Stenden.

The structure of the professorship is based on the competency triangle: professional activities, education and research. We aim to stimulate each of these themes (separate and in conjunction) in our university of applied sciences. We do this by developing activities in the area of water technology.

The main focus of the professorship lies with physically powered water technologies, with an additional attention to sand filtration, monitoring (sensoring), disinfecting, low-budget technologies and desalination. Additionally, we research the relationship between electro hydrodynamic atomisation and water technologies.

Location advantage Leeuwarden

The Water Technology professorship has an undeniable advantage in being located in Leeuwarden, a city which is growing to be the world capital of water technology. Companies, institutes and expertise are being drawn to Leeuwarden because of this. This gives NHL Stenden the opportunity to position itself amongst most noteworthy universities of applied sciences.

In the professorship, education plays a vital role. This includes modules in the area of water technology, guidance of PhD students and master students, scientific seminars, and the development of education activities on different levels. This way, we offer a unique opportunity for scientific and field development, educating qualified young professionals, and we contribute to the field of water technology worldwide.


NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
Academy of Techology & Innovation

Team members

  • Dr. Ir. Luewton Agostinho