The professorship Computer Vision & Data Science implements the Design Based Education (DBE) educational concept. Students, teacher-researchers and companies work together on real-life projects in a complex and international context. This creates an inspiring environment which promotes intrinsic motivation and thereby achieves added value for all stakeholders. The roles are tuned to optimize learning for everyone, while at the same time be goal-oriented so that the outcome of a project is of real value. 

The student learns about artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning in the practical and theoretical professional context. Both minor and master students from several disciplines work together in project teams to dive into the challenge which was posed by the companies. 

The company gains access to cutting-edge knowledge and gains insight on how artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning perform in their own practical business context. A research team of AI experts and students forms a durable professional relation with the companies to successfully apply AI. 

The researcher uses and expands their expertise and works in the central role of the project leader and expert. In the diverse and engaging context of real-life projects they connect research, education and companies and are responsible tangible and valuable results for the project. 

For this well-balanced triangle of roles is important to achieve research, educational and company goals. These roles strengthen in such a way that that the collaborative result is more than the sum of its parts. 

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