The Italian Eleonora (19) is a second year International Business student at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Ever since she was little, she was passionate about the world and its international cultures. ”I love to travel and gain as many different international experiences as possible.”


”If you want to study International Business you have to be curious, open to the world and be ready to get shocked”

“In high school I already spent some time abroad, which was an amazing experience. I had the choice to go back to Italy or carry on my international experience by choosing a university abroad. NHL Stenden’s study programme really caught my attention because of its international aspects, which would prepare me for the world. It all started actually, when I was 14 years old. I was attending an exhibition fair together with my mother and oldest brother. We were looking for universities for my brother to attend, but eventually came home finding the perfect study for me. My mom already knew: International Business is the perfect study for me

Getting familiar with NHL Stenden and the Dutch

“After getting to know NHL Stenden and its courses, I knew for sure this is the place I want to study International Business. Not only can I get to know the Dutch environment, they have so many opportunities to go abroad; like the Grand Tour programme they offer.”

I really enjoy the student life in the Netherlands. Things like riding a bike was very strange and somehow new for me. It is a completely different experience from Italy. People in the Netherlands are very positive and open-minded. They are also very entrepreneurial and honest. The main difference between studying in Italy compared to the Netherlands is that the teachers in the Netherlands are very reachable and devoted. They genuinely care about your personal development.“

My study programme

“During my study I learn a lot about behavior in a professional context towards companies. The most challenging part is how to deal with people in groups from all different countries. The study really pushes you to get ready for the business world. We are being prepared for becoming a business professional. We do all kinds of project which have a connection with marketing, finance, organization and people.

Studying even further away: Bali and Qatar

“My third year is all about studying abroad. The first semester I go on Grand Tour. This means I will go to the campus in Bali and learn all about innovative entrepreneurship. After my time in Bali I will proceed in Qatar were I will follow a course about branding. The last semester of my third year I will start my internship. I would love to do that in New York, in the fashion. In the end I am convinced that I have all the experience about branding, advertising and social media, after finishing my study.

You can see that you really can make the study your own, build a strong professional background and gain a lot of work experience.”