Future career after completing the Business Administration programme

With a bachelor’s in Business Administration, you'll be ready to take on a position in management or consultancy. With your insights into your particular specialisations and your understanding across the board of ICT, purchasing, finance, facilities management and administration, you'll know what is needed to help a department contribute successfully to the overall company objectives. With your ability to take initiative, to identify problems quickly and solve them effectively, you'll be assured of a range of opportunities.  


Career diversity 

As a business graduate, you have the skillset to make a difference in ensuring the good performance of the company you work for. Your understanding of a company's internal organisations and the needs of each of its parts will make you a vital addition to a company.

Careers open to you after graduation include: 

  • Branch manager: running the national or international branch of a large organisation 

  • Project manager: ensuring that a project runs smoothly in a profit or non-profit organisation, from planning to execution to evaluation 

  • Business consultant: helping solve an organisation’s issues by applying your analytical expertise 

  • Process manager: continuously analysing, designing, documenting, improving and implementing processes and work instructions 

  • Team leader: coordinating the activities in a team, representing the team and facilitating its performance 

  • Account manager: representing an organisation and liaising with both current and future clients for a company or non-profit organisation 

Continue your studies

Take your passion for Business Administration to the next level with a Master’s degree. You can take a Master’s at NHL Stenden or at another university of applied sciences or research university. 

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