Business Administration course summary

The Business Administration degree at NHL Stenden focuses on how organisations, companies and departments are run. You learn how to deal with people and processes so that there is a shared vision for the company and everything runs smoothly. And if things aren't going smoothly, you will be the one that will adapt, change or improve the processes or ways people are working.  


The programme for Business Administration 

The programme focuses on developing your insights into how an organisation operates and how to keep it running successfully. You'll develop your skills in being able to identify where new opportunities lie and taking the initiative to come up with solutions and methods for helping the organisation better attain its goals. This means you'll cover subjects such as organisational behaviour, economics, marketing, and innovation management. 

As this degree is a management course, you’ll also develop the skills needed to be a manager. These skills are integrated into the programme and developed through the practical assignments you do as well as during your internship.  

Download the brochure to get a really useful one-page overview of the curriculum with a description of the modules and a list of subjects per year, the study load and the ECTS you can earn. Use it to compare the programme with other studies you’re interested in.


Minors and specialisations for Business Administration

In your third year of Business Administration, you get to specialise by taking a number of minors. 

  • Business Model Innovation & Leadership (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands) 
    Design the business models of the future and explore insightful leadership. Using Business Model Generation, this minor gives you the chance to innovate for a company and work on your creativity and consultancy skills. 
  • Change and Innovation (South Africa)  
    With this minor, you explore the mechanisms, psychology and tools needed to empower employee-initiated innovation and facilitate organisational learning. Discover how adaptive organisations and committed staff share vision and a drive for innovation. 
  • E-business (the Netherlands)  
    Offering a combination of creative and technical skills development, this minor gives you an understanding of digital marketing strategy and how you can build the online presence of a brand and manage digital platforms to sell products. 
  • Mindful Leadership (Bali or Thailand)  Mindful Leadership (Bali or Thailand)
    Develop your emotional intelligence with this minor focusing on stress management, mindfulness, communication, resilience and empathy. You’ll develop the skills to become a better leader.     
  • The Art of Ethical Leadership (South Africa or the Netherlands)  
    Learn how to apply key concepts of ethical and critical thinking and why tomorrow’s leaders cannot do without a developed moral compass. Develop your soft power, your ability to attract and cooperate rather than to coerce.   

Course Catalogue

The course catalogue contains detailed information on the programme, so that you can compare different studies or get a more in-depth understanding of what the programme entails.

Practical approach of Business Administration

We aim to help you put theory into practice as quickly as possible. Through our educational concept, Design-Based Education (DBE), you work in small teams of students, teachers, researchers and industry professionals. You tackle current, real-life issues developing and adapting your visions and ideas to form a solid solution. And you gain yet more practical experience during your internship in your final year.  

International opportunities

We want to prepare you for an international, intercultural, and ever-changing environment, so that you can dive into the unknown and gain experience in an international context. It is possible with our Grand Tour, Exchange programme or one of our mobility options offered by RUN-EU. Or you can choose to do your internship abroad. You’ll be able to put together the right combination of courses and internships to develop both your professional and personal skills – and develop your own network for the future.

Is this the degree for you?

If you're confident this degree is the one for you, then why not apply online straightaway? Or pick one of the other options to help you take the next step.