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The Center for Entrepreneurship is the community for and by entrepreneurial students with the spirit to start their own business.

Win a financial boost?

Get ready for your business adventure and join our kick-start trail!

Your own Yoghurt Bar, tech start-up or temping agency? Whether you've already got your own business or you've simply got a brilliant idea, we can help you develop and help ensure you can work on your own company while you're studying. With the Center for Entrepreneurship you can:

  • Get access to the CfE business programme so that working on your own company and studying at the same time gets even better – and more doable.  
  • Match your study assignments to your business (and vice versa) so that your degree and your business really complement each other. 
  • Further your entrepreneurial dream by drawing on our extensive network with organisations such as Innofest, Founded in Friesland, Friese Zaken and Ik ben Drents Ondernemer. 
  • Help us to join forces with your study programme so you can do your internship or graduation project within your own company.  
  • Become part of a great community and get to enjoy workshops, inspiring guest speakers and legendary Friday afternoon drinks.

What can you expect from the CfE?

If you're wondering how to register with the Chamber of Commerce or what you need to arrange with the tax office, or if you want to find an investor or come up with a kick-ass company name, our fun and entrepreneurial community can not only help you but also answer your questions and inspire you with workshops and guest speakers. And, as we already mentioned, we hold our infamous Friday afternoon drinks, where the best plans are laid and contacts made. Whether you're starting your own hospitality business, are running an artist management agency or are thinking about freelancing in health care, with us, you'll go further.


In the community you will work with like-minded people in a 10-week programme on your personal entrepreneurial ambitions. Perhaps you want to discover what entrepreneurship is or you're already a step ahead and want to set up your own company. For this and more, the CfE has several journeys that you can participate alongside your studies.  

The CfE has three journeys you can choose from: 

  1. Orientation Journey - In this journey you will discover what entrepreneurship entails and whether it is something for you. You will engage in forming a potential business idea.  
  2. Pre-startup Journey - Do you already have a cool entrepreneurship idea, but don't have a business standing yet? Then this journey might be for you! You get to work on discovering who your target audience is and whether this audience is going to buy your product or service.  
  3. Startup Journey - In the startup journey, you will work on professionalising your business. So you are already turning over sales and have customers. In this journey, we will talk about financing opportunities and sales strategies, among other things.  

The journeys are not lectures, but active workshops and sessions in which entrepreneurs and experts speak and motivate you to take steps. Of course, a journey is excellent to follow alongside your regular studies.

Become an entrepreneur while you're studying

Want to know more about our students' experiences at the Centre for Entrepreneurship? Find out more in the video below.

What facilities do we offer?


Hayo Apotheker Incentive Fund

Do you need a kick start for your company or idea? Then the NHL Stenden Centre For Entrepreneurship’s Hayo Apotheker Incentive Fund is perfect for you! 

With the HAF, student entrepreneurs work on their own ideas or business, and the fund is there to help you lift your ideas and future business to a higher level. 

Any questions?

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