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Could your business do with a kick-start? Or do you have a great idea but not the insights, network or financial means? Then join the kick-start trail with the ‘Hayo Apotheker Incentive Fund’ and get that financial boost that can make the difference for you as a student with a business. And there's more! On your trail to success, we'll stop off for events so that you can spar with others and fine tune your ideas and business further. The best part is that everyone on the trail takes home a souvenir! And the best ideas and businesses get a share of €25,000 from the fund.

The kick-start trail is a Center for Entrepreneurship initiative.

How do I join the trail?

There are 50 places on this brilliant kick-start trail. To earn yourself a place, you'll need to submit a video pitch telling us about your ideas for your business and why you want to join the trail. If you get selected, you get the chance to win a kit filled with knowledge, insights and funds that will send you well on your way.

What’s on the kick-start trail?

The trail makes a number of pit stops with events where we work together on your idea or business. We'll tackle personal branding, explore the Lean Model Canvas, get inspired by other businesses and coaches and you'll get advice straight from the field. And during the pit stops, you'll of course get plenty of opportunities to network, meet over drinks and have a bite to eat so you're ready for the next stage of your journey. We'll be announcing the dates and full programme of the trail on 15 September.


Do you want to participate?

What can I win?

The best ideas and businesses will each have a share in €25,000.

  • There's one cash prize of €2,500
  • There are two cash prizes of €1,000
  • There are three cash prizes of €500

You can invest your prize however you like in your business. Whether it's buying the best software or helping to finally rent those offices you've had your eye on for so long. Anything goes. It's up to you how you invest in your business.

There are also 44 cheques worth €125 to be earned by collecting coins as you work through the trail. For each event you attend, you earn a coin worth €12.50. You can then use your cheque to buy something for your business simply by sending your business-related invoice to the Center for Entrepreneurship. With 50 prizes on offer, it means everyone has a chance to win – but there's only one business that will blaze the trail with the €2,500 prize.

What else can I win?

Along with the cash prize and the glory, you'll also benefit from extra winnings: you get to learn a lot and really get to add to your trail kit! At each event, we make sure your idea or business is systematically taken to the next level, with coaches from industry joining us so that you can ask your questions and expand your network. And once you've experienced the trail community, you'll of course want to join the CfE community – which, naturally, you'll automatically be a part of. Definitely a win-win situation, don't you think?


Who's the trail for?

It's great that you want to join the HAF trail and win a kick-start from the Hayo Apotheker Incentive Fund. The trail is open to any NHL Stenden student wanting to give their business or business idea a boost. Whether you're studying nursing or accountancy, already have a business or just have a good idea, you can apply to join.

How do I join?

You can sign up for the kick-start trail between 5 and 18 September. There are only 50 places on this adventure and to get a place, you'll need to send in a pitch telling us about your ideas for your business and why you want to join the trail. After the closing date for applications, we’ll get in touch with you if you've been selected. We'll be announcing the full programme on 15 September.

Kick-start team

The kick-start trail is organised by the Center for Entrepreneurship, but it is the kick-start team that chooses who wins the cash prizes. The kick-start team includes, of course, our chair Hayo Apotheker, ex-mayor of Leeuwarden and ex-member of the NHL Stenden Executive Board, along with members of the Center for Entrepreneurship, the student advisor for the Executive Board and a previous trail winner, as well as a leading local entrepreneur. 

Questions and applications

If you'd like to know more or you have any questions, we'd love to help. Feel free to call in at the CfE in Leeuwarden or Emmen, or email your queries about the Hayo Apotheker Incentive Fund to If you're keen to take part, then make sure you apply (from 5 September).

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