Communication & Multimedia Design

Future career after completing the Communication & Multimedia Design programme

With a bachelor’s in Communication & Multimedia Design, you have a wealth of career opportunities open to you across the globe. As a designer, you'll value not only aesthetics, but also quality, ethics and the possible impact on the world. 

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Career diversity 

As a multimedia professional, you will be a skilled, self-reflective and ambitious designer who strives for positive change through your work. 

The Communication & Multimedia Design study programme offers excellent prospects for the future in both the Netherlands and elsewhere. Designers trained in the Netherlands have an excellent reputation internationally and commercial enterprises, public authorities, and non-profit organisations all see a need for employees with a bachelor of science degree. Our graduates work for companies such as Google, Apple, Blizzard Entertainment, Nike, Patagonia, Samsung, Van Gogh Museum and DSM. 

Careers open to you after graduation include: 

  • App developer: developing new applications based on insights from the business community and user wishes, and combining technical knowledge with empathy and design qualities 
  • UX designer: designing the optimal user experience for websites, games or applications (and more) and finding out what the user expects through research, prototyping and testing 
  • Game designer: designing and developing concepts for games using your eye for the latest developments in gameplay and graphics 
  • Motion designer: devising audiovisual productions and creating professional products as part of a team 
  • Visual storyteller: envisioning dream worlds and creating storylines to convey complex matter attractively 
  • 3D artist:  creating animations for films, games or advertising
  • Animator: bringing drawings to life
  • Sound design or music composer: using your music insights and talents for games or films 


Become a Master

Take your passion for communication & multimedia design to the next level with a master’s degree. With the Master’s Content & Media Strategy, you develop as a media strategist that knows how to develop and use media content that help an organisation achieve its goals.  

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