Showcase Creative Business (3 year)

During the Creative Business programme, you will do many practical assignments, often for and with the professional field. Check out what you can get involved in below!

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Content Channel MATTERS

On our content channel, MATTERS, our students create "content that truly MATTERS to you!" They delve into various #studentlife topics through videos, podcasts, and blogs. In your second year, you'll be producing content for this platform. Curious? Take a look at

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HOC Radio

HOC Radio, the radio station, is entirely run by students from Creative Business and other NHL Stenden programs. The radio shows are both entertaining and informative. Each student within HOC has a role, such as marketing manager, social media manager, producer, and presenter. For more information, please visit the website.



Are you keen to meet other students, expand your skills or show off your creativity? The Event Department eagerly plans, manages and arranges fun and creative events for you!

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