Your future after completing the International Business programme

With your bachelor's degree in business administration, you are ready to make a difference in international trade. You know how organisations work and how to do business internationally.



During your studies, you have worked towards becoming a specialist in a particular area, preparing you to work in any of the following functions:

  • International marketing manager: you understand the international market and function at a strategic level. Selling your companies’ product or service worldwide is your strength.
  • Export manager: you are the link between the many parties involved in the export of goods, maintaining contact and acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers.
  • Corporate communications manager: you are in charge of how your organisation communicates, making sure employees across all your branches share the same goals and way of working. You bring the company’s story to the international market
  • Branch manager: you are in charge of an international branch of a large organisation
  • Product manager: you are responsible for the international success of a product or service you company offers, and take decisions regarding its development, production and marketing.