Course overview International Business

Below you will find an explanation about the programme and the possibilities of International Business.


Course Catalogue

The course catalogue contains detailed information on the programme, so that you can compare different studies or get a more in-depth understanding of what the programme entails.

Unique Education Concept

At NHL Stenden, you get to put theory straight into practice. Through design-based education, our unique education concept, you develop and test your ideas on real cases and practice-based research. Working in interdisciplinary and international groups, you not only nurture your own professionale identity, but also help deliver sustainable, meaningful solutions for the benefit of the society. Ultimately, your education will help you to become an insightful, world-wise professional who feels right home in a global setting.

International projects

In each period, student groups work with international companies, visiting them where possible, to bring theory and practice together. One such international project is the Student Trade Mission. The project gives you the chance to collaborate internationally, working in an intercultural setting with students from partner universities abroad.

Student Trade Mission

Working on behalf of a local company, you select suitable international trade partners. To do so, you work with students from other universities, take part in a trade fair and visit potential business partners. You then assess which partners are of interest and why, and in so doing, help your client find a lucrative international trade partner.

Export Carousel

The project is an initiative in which knowledge circulates between entrepreneurs, government organisations and education. You work in groups on an export plan for a national or international company, and each group pitches its idea to a jury. The best pitch receives a prize from a competent jury of entrepreneurs, researchers and local businesses. The project enables you as a group to quickly gain a lot of practical experience and learn a lot from each other.