International Leisure, Tourism & Events Management (Master)

Master International Leisure, Tourism & Events Management course overview

The one-year Master’s in International Leisure, Tourism & Events Management focuses on sustainability, quality of life and resilience of the industry within the context of global challenges (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). You will explore relevant theories and key concepts related to leisure and tourism, discuss contemporary challenges and current issues, and use scenario planning as a tool for identifying trends, main drivers of change and possible future developments. During the electives you can specialise and work on real-life projects from the work field. Some of these projects take place abroad (e.g. Portugal and Nepal).


The courses contains different education methods such as seminars, workshops, lectures, presentations, group assignments and guest lectures.

As part of your studies, you will write a master’s thesis. Research classes will support you through the research process and you will be assigned a thesis supervisor and study coach.

Course Catalogue

The course catalogue contains detailed information on the programme, so that you can compare different studies or get a more in-depth understanding of what the programme entails.

Practical learning

As part of your course, you will work on research projects from the European Tourism Futures Institute (ETFI). Most of the lecturers in the master's programme are also researchers at ETFI. In module 1, you will learn about product development and innovation in leisure, tourism and events. In module 3, you will investigate what changes the tourism, leisure and events sector is set to undergo over the next two decades. These insights are essential in this fast-changing industry with constantly changing trends. In module 4, you can choose to do an ETFI project as an elective subject to gain more experience into policy advice, market research, and consultancy.

NHL Stenden’s research groups bring together people from the industry and researchers from universities of applied sciences. Students are stimulated to be actively involved as they work on projects from the industry that are initiated by our research group. For this master, the European Tourism Futures Institute provides a rich research context with a professorship in Scenario Planning.

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