Your future after completing the Marketing Management degree

With a bachelor’s in Marketing Management, you have a wealth of career opportunities in the world of marketing and business. With your insights into consumer behaviour, social media campaigns and online and offline marketing, you will have the ability to bring people together, including customers, suppliers, other businesses and colleagues within your company. You will have the latest marketing knowledge at your fingertips and be keenly aware of the importance of data as a foundation for your strategy, giving you excellent prospects wherever you choose to work. 


Career diversity 

As a marketing professional you’ll have highly developed analytical skills and be able to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You’ll know how to apply these skills for a range of careers, from content manager to online marketer. Whether you work for a commercial or non-profit organisation, your marketing skills are needed to attract, connect and retain customers or users.  

Careers open to you after graduation include: 

  • Content manager: ensures an organisation is visible on different digital platforms with the right content, and write convincing copy 

  • International Account Manager: represents an organisation globally, liaising with both current and future clients 

  • Online marketer: you implement the online marketing plan and attract and retain customers 

  • Marketing manager: determines the company’s marketing strategy and positioning, often in conjunction with other departments, and advises company management on new markets and products, developing online and offline marketing strategies to suit  

  • Product manager: serves as a liaison between customers, suppliers and internal departments and focuses on the development, manufacture and marketing of a product, ensuring it is effectively positioned for the long-term 

  • Market researcher: explores products, trends, markets, image and customer satisfaction and analyses data to provide answers  

Continue your studies 

Take your passion for Marketing Management to the next level with a master’s degree. With the Master’s Content & Media Strategy, you develop as a media strategist that knows how to develop and use media content that help an organisation achieve its goals.  


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