Green Logistics

 Sustainability is the future. Nowadays all companies (have to) be social responsible. (international) Governments take measures and create law, non- governmental bodies use social media and the consumer / public are more aware. This is offering new changes for companies and employees.

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  • Semester: spring
  • Level: third year
  • Amount of ECTS: 30
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Within the minor we work together with the municipality (Educohof), the lectureships Green Logistics and Green Pac and the trade and industry in the province.

In interactive workshops, lectures and guest lectures you will develop your knowledge on different course. Part of this you will apply in a real assignment for a real company.

Within the minor Green Logistics we combine sustainability, project management and internationalisation. You will work in an international team on a real sustainability question from real company in a project management way of working. Next to the lectures on project management and green logistics, lectures and guest lectures cover topics on “Why should we become Greener?”, “How to become greener?” and “What is in it for companies?”

Effective Project management
(LEAN Six Sigma ©) In which you apply project management in a real project and will reflect on your competences as a project leader. Green Awareness, Cradle to cradle and the bio based economy, in which you will gain insight in the current state of the sustainability issues of the world and systems to breakthrough the negative spiral.

Green Logistics and Procurement
In this course you will gain insight on the effects and trends of sustainability in logistics and the procurement processes.

Green Ethics and Law
In this course you will get insight in the effect of “green” law on organisations and the claim for corporate responsibility with regards to sustainability issues.

Green Economics
In this course financial data and calculation methods are learned and if applicable applied on the project.

Green Strategy and Marketing
In this course the added value of sustainability for companies is explored and for the company of the project you will determine the sustainable strategy and connect this with a marketing strategy.

Green Quality and Reporting In this course you learn how to measure and report “sustainability and what will be the requirements of the future.

  • Method: Interactive workshops, lectures and guest lectures
  • Examination: Tests, assignments
  • Language: English
  • Number of credits: 30 ECTS
  • Entry requirements: 3rd year Bachelor level
  • Status of the module: 3rd year
  • Semester: Spring