Branding Advertising Design

From the 4th year onwards students of Communication & Multimedia Design (or students from abroad) may join the minor Branding Advertising & Design. In real-life projects students work on the developing of campaigns with the focus on advertising, marketing and designing. Of course the application of multimedia solutions plays a central part; in addition, attention is paid to printed material, packaging and DeskTop Publishing.



  • Semester:  fall & spring
  • Level: second & third year
  • Amount of ECTS: 30
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This minor is offered twice a year: in September and in February for the duration of 1 semester (20 weeks). During this period students may gain +/- 30 EC.

A brief enumeration of possible specializations:
• Art direction, Design, Corporate style development, Typography, LogoDesign
• Video, Motion graphics, Animation
• Packiaging, Brochures, Prepress
• Copywriting, Press releases, Web editing
• Viral campaigns, Guerilla marketing, SEO (Search engine optimization)

No specific pre-knowledge is required, but affinity with advertising and designing is considered an advantage. Should the minor attract (too) great a number of applicants, students might be invited for an interview and a portfolio presentation.

Besides the normal lectures, guest lecturers from the field are invited to speak on a regular basis. In addition sharing knowledge plays an important part in the minor: students assist and learn from each other. Therefore knowledge and proficiency in minimally one of the tools and skills mentioned below is recommended (but not obligatory):
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Google AdWords/Analytics
Skills: Designing, copywriting, project management, (new) marketing methods, English