Bente's Grand Tour in South Africa

“My experiences here have influenced my dreams for the future.”
Tourism Management student

Although both her minors were being held online, Bente still decided to go to South Africa for her Tourism Management Grand Tour. Now living on a mango farm and following her first minor online, Bente seems to have found a fantastic balance of study and exploring the South African culture and lifestyle.

“As part of my Tourism Management studies, I decided to go on Grand Tour to do my minors in Wildlife Management in South Africa, and Mindful Leadership in Bali. They combine my interests perfectly but the COVID-19 pandemic has meant both minors are being held online. It's not stopped me from going to South Africa nonetheless! I am currently living on a mango farm in Cederberg and following my first minor online, and it honestly couldn’t have been better!”


Grand Tour

The NHL Stenden Grand Tour gives you the advantage of being able to dive straight into exploring the country and culture they have joined.

Balanced days

“I start my day with some yoga before attending the first online sessions. While listening to the lectures, I enjoy the beautiful view on the Cederberg mountains and the sun shining on the terrace. My tutors are making the most of the online situation, explaining a lot about being a wildlife manager in South Africa, taking us on online safari and helping us wherever they can with our assignments. 

My classes are only from Monday to Thursday, so that gives me a lot of time on the weekends to enjoy the area. I’m really glad I decided to go to South Africa despite the minor being online, as it is still gives me the experience of studying abroad that I was hoping for. My time is filled with waterfall hikes, camping trips, surfing, eating mangos and making braai in the evening, which is a South African barbeque.” 

Inspiration for my future

“The people I’ve met have all been super friendly, hospitable and open and the nature is simply stunning, even though it seems a bit cliche that you stumble upon the Big 5 as soon as you step outside your house. But there are amazing game reserves all around the country that allow you to discover giraffes, lions and the rest during your time off!  To me, life seems a lot simpler down here – maybe it’s the sun, the vastness of the country or the mindset of the people. Either way, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

South Africa is super inspirational to me which is why I chose to stay here for my second online minor as well. After that, I’m planning on doing my internship in Sydney, Australia. The experiences I’ve had during the minor have influenced my dreams for the future in a super exciting way, as I now gained specific insights into the fields I would like to go into when I finish my degree at NHL Stenden.”

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