Daniel Rooksen

“An IT degree was an obvious choice for me. And NHL Stenden in Emmen just happened to be close to where I lived”
Daniel Rooksen
Information Technology student

Daniel Rooksen knew for certain that he wanted to do his final internship abroad. He found a place in a company in Tunesia. And though his work is familiar, the surroundings are new. He's felt the cultural difference strongly and has learnt a lot. In fact, he believes the learning experience was on both sides. 

“It took me a while to find an internship and I got this position through an organisation that specialises in international internships. It's a project focusing on cybersecurity and we're working on a tool to scan for security risks on the firmware on Internet of Things devices. I'm responsible for different aspects of this project in my position as full-stack developer.” 

“I've always been handy with computers and been good at the abstract, logical thinking you need for programming, so an IT degree was an obvious choice for me. And NHL Stenden in Emmen just happened to be close to where I lived, so in this respect, I opted for convenience. When it came to doing my graduation internship though, I wanted to go further afield. As it is, I like being in a different environment more than doing the actual work I have to do.”  

Learning from each other 

“An internship is important to do so as to get familiar with corporate culture. I've learnt a lot about Arabian culture but it took a lot of getting used to at first. For instance, there was quite a difference between the company's and my style of communication. They often mistook my Dutch directness for impoliteness, and I found their flexibility regarding time and promises just plain inefficient. There were a lot of misunderstandings and disagreements at first due to cultural differences, but luckily, I got used to it and I can manage fine most of the time now. In the end, I think we all learned something from each other. To be honest, I think I've learnt far more on a personal and cultural level than I have professionally. And actually, I would have liked that to have been more in balance.” 

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