Leire Larrañegui Sanz

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“The webinar really gives you a chance to see what it’s like to study here”
Leire Larrañegui Sanz
Creative Business student

Leire knew she wanted to study abroad, the question was where and what. Her online search took her to Tourism Management at NHL Stenden. The degree matched her fields of interest but she decided to join the Study at webinar to find out if NHL Stenden and Leeuwarden were also the right match.

“I attended the study at webinar when I was still deciding whether or not I wanted to come to NHL Stenden. I wanted to understand what things were really like in Leeuwarden and as it was presented by students from the university I thought it would be the closest proof of what student life was like. At the same time, my parents had loads of questions, as you would expect, and this webinar covered all the basic information my parents were asking about, like payment, living expenses and so on.”

Setting expectations

“The event made me even more excited about studying abroad and going to the Netherlands. It set expectations in a good way and made me feel like what was my dream at the time could actually come true. It sort of turned my ideas and thoughts of living and studying here into reality. The funny thing is that I also heard all about the opportunities for spending part of your studies in another country through the exchange and Grand Tour programmes. 

Positives and negatives

“The webinar got me excited about studying abroad and it kind of reassured me, made me feel as if I was capable of it all. I really wanted to move to Leeuwarden and study there. Don’t get me wrong, they also said that not everything was going to be perfect, and it wasn’t, but I think the positives totally outbalance the negatives. I think if you’re not yet sure about your decision, or you’re simply nervous about it, hearing other people talk about their, and your, doubts and potential experiences is very calming. The webinar really does give you a chance to see what it’s like to study here in a very accurate way. You may not realize it at the time, but the impressions you get during the event are very close to reality. It’s actually a good idea to attend as many events as possible, especially offline ones if you can.”

“I ended up applying for tourism management at NHL Stenden. At the time it made sense that this came up as the first option because it really did fit my fields of interest. However, once I got to NHL Stenden and saw what the students from Creative Business were doing, I decided to switch. It appealed so much more to me. I’m now in my third year, so it was clearly the right decision. And NHL Stenden was definitely the right choice.”



Study at NHL Stenden webinar

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