Sol Slinger

“This minor shapes you as a better leader but also as a person.”
Sol Slinger
Logistics Management student

Travelling has always been Sol's passion. It was one of the reasons she decided to do logistics management at NHL Stenden and it’s most definitely why she signed up for the Grand Tour. Coming from Uruguay, she wanted to explore the world further and after spending the first two years of her degree in Emmen, she's now doing her Grand Tour minor subject on Bali.

“I like planning and coordinating and logistics management is a great match in that respect. I also like the practical approach to learning at NHL Stenden, with every module coming with a new project where we apply our knowledge in real-life projects. It’s an innovative approach and can be challenging depending on how you carry out the project, and it’s a good way of developing both your business and personal skills. I got to focus even more on my personal development during my Grand Tour, with my minor on Bali, Inspirational Coach and Leader.”

Safe environment

“I chose it specifically because it provides you with tools and skills that are suitable for any role I assume in the future, as they don’t only shape you as a better leader but also a person. Throughout the minor, you become more aware of your potential, how to reach your goals and how to improve your current reality. I am very happy that I chose this minor because it breaks with the kind of education I am used to. We have to open up and talk about our fears and struggles, which is sometimes hard, but the teachers do their best to create a safe environment where everyone is comfortable. This enables us to understand our weaknesses and work to improve them.” 

Exploring and learning

“I knew I wanted to do the Grand Tour right from the start of my study. Since I love travelling, this programme allows me to discover the world while studying. I chose Bali because I had always been interested in visiting this spiritual and magical place with warm weather and beautiful beaches. The locals here are very kind and welcoming, and even if there’s a language barrier, they’ll figure out a way to tell you more about their culture and religion, which I find fascinating. Another highlight of living on Bali is exploring other areas of Indonesia. This has allowed me to swim with whale sharks and manta rays and be face-to-face with a Komodo dragon, something I had never imagined possible. Also, I like that you study with students from other studies and nationalities because this makes the classes more diverse and enriching.”  

Bali Belly

The main challenges of doing the Grand Tour programme were being away from home and getting the so-called "Bali Belly". I’ve been living abroad for a while now so homesickness is a constant thing, but I must say it was easier here because you are constantly exploring new places and meeting new people – and you have so much fun, you don't even have time to feel homesickness. However, when I caught "Bali Belly" and felt sick, I must admit I missed home. Luckily, the university recommended a good clinic where I could get help and the necessary medication. So one tip for anyone coming to Bali: get good health insurance!

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