The power of ateliers: 30 great examples in new Atelier Book

atelierboekje nhl stenden marc otto

On 14 November, the new Atelier Book was presented to Marc Otto, member of the Executive Board of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. In this book, we use more than 30 portraits of ateliers to show which issues are being worked on within NHL Stenden and how we cooperate with the field of work and researchers.

Experience with practice

At NHL Stenden, we believe in the importance for students to come into contact with practice from the very beginning and to be able to work on current real-life issues. Working and learning in ateliers is an essential part of this ambition, where education and practice are closely intertwined, and working and learning go hand in hand.

Working and learning in ateliers is a characteristic part of NHL Stenden’s educational concept: Design-Based Education (DBE). We have been gaining experience in implementing ateliers since 2018; focusing on specific programmes as well as programme and institution-wide. Within the ateliers, various themes and issues are central in which we contribute to the social progress of the regions in which we operate. Our ateliers are therefore not only located within NHL Stenden, but also outside of it.

The Atelier Book

Collaboration with practitioners is inspiring and motivating. Our Atelier Book is therefore available for download from now on.

Curious about the possibilities? Below the 'Passport' of each atelier are the contact details of the respective atelier.