Adheen Purayil

Adheen Purayil

International Logistics Management student

Adheen Purayil (21), International Logistics Management student, is a true global citizen. He was born in India, has lived in United Arab Emirates (UAE), and he has been studying in the Netherlands over the last two years. Adheen loves to travel and gain many different experiences, in addition to studying.

Adheen Purayil

”Lecturers are involved, hands-on, and practice-orientated”

“During my travels, I have experienced many different cultures and gotten to know them better. This is why this study programme appealed to me immediately; you don’t only deal with logistical processes, but also with the human side of these processes. This fits perfectly with the fact that I am open minded and interested in people, which I will combine later on. In the future, I wish to be the connecting factor between customer and producer. This allows me to keep working with people.”

A perfectly sized campus

“I study at the location in Emmen. It isn’t too big and the there is a good balance between the number of lecturers and students. Because the Emmen campus is relatively small, you will soon get to know students from other study programmes. The lecturers are also very easy to reach. They help you to truly become a professional.”

Design Based Education

“In the study programme, we use the Design Based Education concept. This means that I work with fellow students on practical real-world assignments. This really brings theory and practice together. The small groups require us to have a hands-on mentality. We all have to put our back into it and this allows me to keep growing as a person.”