The minor entrepreneurship educates students to become motivated entrepreneurs or enterprising employees. The education is competence oriented, with in mind that attitude is at least as important as knowledge and skill. We want to help students as much as possible to discover their own passions and talents. In a demand-driven learning environment students are trained to determine and realize their own goals. At the end of the semester you will use an assessment to prove to two teachers you are competent in the learning goals you have set in the beginning of the minor. During the minor you can start your own company or execute a project. From the very first day you will be:

  • Creating an authentic concept that suits you.
  • Finding out if there is a market to be found or to be created.
  • Devising a strategy to complete your objectives.
  • Recruiting customers, sponsors and suppliers.


Study start

  • February
  • September


  • Leeuwarden


  • English

European credits

  • 30 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • IT & Media

Minor content

Every week you will be assigned the task of researching or organizing a specific aspect of entrepreneurship. This may vary from drawing up a business plan, to developing your own house style, from making a promo-film to drawing up a contract, from attending a multimedia fair to estimating returns, from optimizing your portfolio to making a pitch. Students will be coached by teachers and external specialists such as a bookkeeper, a lawyer, a banker, an expert on grant schemes, a representative from the Chamber of Commerce etc. In addition, CMD alumni owning a business will come and share their experiences with you and answer all your questions. The assignments’ results will be presented to each other on a weekly basis, so as to profit from each other’s experiences. Originality, humor, spunk, enthusiasm and quality will be rewarded.

Structure of the minor

Objective: To have students discover for themselves the full spectrum of entrepreneurship under the supervision of professionals with loads of practical experience, and to have great fun in the process.

Setup: students can enter on any one of the three levels: basic, advanced, expert. By the end of the minor some of you will have started their own business, others will have decided entrepreneurship is not their cup of tea. Students who already had a business at the start of the minor will have further professionalized it.

Work modes: guest-lectures, workshops, consultations, practical assignments, role-playing.


At the intake session a personal learning route will be outlined. Progress will be evaluated by means of portfolio assessments which should include a self-reflection report. In addition we will require you to participate in peer-assessments. You will have ample opportunity to demonstrate your entrepreneurial skills.

Target group

Students with vague, or concrete plans to become entrepreneurs. Students eager to acquaint themselves with the hows and whys, the do's and don’ts in industrial life are also welcome..
Are you unsure whether you really want, of have the nerve, to join? Just do it! You have nothing to lose in this semester and afterwards, if you want to, you can just stop. You’ll learn a lot anyway, and chances are you’ll want to continue.


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