Intercultural Understanding and Religion

Eager to learn more about intercultural understanding and religion and question the obvious? How to not only analyse current problems and events, but also understand what role intercultural understanding and religion plays in our globalized, fast changing world? Then Intercultural Understanding and Religion is the right minor for you!


Study start

  • September


  • Meppel


  • English

European credits

  • 30 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Education

Minor content

  1. IUR: philosophical approach 
  2. IUR: theories on religion 
  3. IUR: world religions and practical application 
  4. What is Understanding. Socratic method, multi perspectivity, empathy, ethical approaches to dilemma’s in the field of IUR 
  5. Theories on what, how and whom it concerns. Different theoretical angles and theorists. 
  6. Main world religions: origin, background, development, differences and similarities. Practical applications in classrooms or other professional spaces. 
  7. IUR: philosophical approach 
  8. IUR: theories on religion 
  9. IUR: world religions and practical application 

Structure of the minor

The learning objectives are broadly defined. Collaboration is stimulated, as is own choice in topics and own research. For each module we use a main course book. There is no official internship, though application of theory and class activities can be applied in teaching practice or in other professional fields (HRM, Drama, Journalism, Social work) 30 ECTS points, made up of approximately 1/3 contact hours and 2/3 self study. 


  • Different forms of assignments and assessments. Main assessment at the end is Portfolio presentation.

Admission requirements

In fact the minor could be used in every field of study, since it deals with intercultural settings, communication, religion etc.  

  • For students in year 2 and higher.  
  • Admission requirements: English C1  
  • Possible participants: The minor is specifically aimed at student teachers.    


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