Keuzegids hbo 2024: Again in the top four and no less than 23 top courses

Keuzegids hbo 2024

For the sixth time in a row, NHL Stenden is in the top four of the best large universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. In the ranking of the Keuzegids HBO 2024 published Thursday, NHL Stenden – just like last year and the year before – is in fourth place. To top it all off, the number of top courses has more than doubled in two years: from 11 in 2022 to 23 in 2024.

Just like in the past two years, NHL Stenden will also find itself in fourth place in the Keuzegids in 2024. The university has therefore performed consistently: for the past six years, NHL Stenden has been in the national top four of the best large universities of applied sciences every year. While NHL Stenden had to share fourth place with two other colleges last year, NHL Stenden now occupies that place alone. In addition, NHL Stenden's overall total score increased.

The best-rated studies are declared top courses by the Keuzegids and are awarded a special quality seal. In the Keuzegids HBO 2024, a total of 23 quality seals are awarded to NHL Stenden. The top course cover a wide range in both multiple locations and multiple areas of interest and subject areas.

Social challenges

Of the 23 top courses at NHL Stenden, 11 were also top courses last year. Therefore 12 courses are new on the list . NHL Stenden's top courses are mainly located in sectors that face major social challenges, such as labor shortages. These are, for example, care and welfare (Arts Therapies), technology (including Electrical Engineering and the Ad Industrial Automation and Robotics) and education (various teacher training courses).

Erica Schaper, chair of the Executive Board of NHL Stenden: “With six top four rankings in six years, we are structurally and sustainably one of the best universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. We are extremely proud of that. Every day we work hard to create an even better learning environment for our students, so that we continue to contribute to broad prosperity in the region. With no fewer than 23 top courses, we are on the right track.”

The Keuzegids

Every year, the Keuzegids maps out available courses for all disciplines. The bachelor and associate degrees of NHL Stenden can be found in the Keuzegids HBO 2024. The Keuzegids is using several sources for its research: the National Student Survey – completed by almost 300,000 students, study success and labor market opportunities.