NHL Stenden launches its own app for students, study coaches and lecturers: all your information in one spot


At the start of the new academic year, NHL Stenden fulfilled a long-held wish: the launch of YOS. In this data-driven app - which has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times - students can find all the key information about their study programme and study progress. This app is unique in the world of education because of the built-in connection between student and study coach.

Where do I have classes tomorrow? Who is my study coach? Is my last grade already known and am I registered for the next test? Students can consult the YOS app for these and many more questions from last week, at the start of the new academic year. YOS is short for 'Your Own Space' and can be used both in a browser and on a smartphone. The app can be downloaded via Google Play and Apple Store. More than 10,000 students are already using YOS.

In YOS, students can find key study information. "It's super convenient," says Jelger van der Meulen. The Finance, Tax & Advice student is a member of the sounding board group that has been closely involved in the development of YOS. "Previously, there was no one central point where you could find all the information you needed. The introduction of YOS changed all this. This app ensures that the necessary info for students is clearly and conveniently at hand. I think it’s a good thing that NHL Stenden is involving the students in it. After all, we are the users of the app."

Students’ needs

The sounding board group consists of some 14 students in all, from the various academies within NHL Stenden. "We want to offer an app that caters to student needs," says Esther Siboni of the project team behind the app. "This is why we appointed as diverse a sounding board group as possible. But they are not the only ones who share their thoughts with us. The app includes a feedback button, allowing any student to share findings with us."

Such apps already existed on the market, but NHL Stenden was looking for something different. Siboni: "We did extensive research: market research and among our students. We came to the conclusion that we had to develop the app ourselves. A unique feature is the built-in option to quickly and easily get in touch with the study coach. This should contribute to even better student support. What's nice is that other universities of applied sciences are already inquiring about how we handled this."

In developing YOS, NHL Stenden is cooperating with partners Arlande, Enigmatry and DevOps Company. For NHL Stenden, this is an important element of its digital transformation strategy. The partnership demonstrates how technology and data-driven educational logistics can merge to promote innovation and modernisation in the education sector.

Also for study coaches and lecturers

Besides YOS for students, a version is also available especially for NHL Stenden's study coaches. This allows them to maintain easy(er) contact with students. Thanks to YOS, study coaches also spend less time on administrative processes and have more time for individual coaching of students. The project team is expected to develop YOS for lecturers in 2024 as well.

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