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If you are thinking about applying to NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, you may be eligible for a scholarship. We are a proud partner in the Holland Scholarship and Orange Tulip Scholarship programmes. These scholarships award selected international undergraduate students from outside the EU/EEA with a one-time financial contribution. In addition, NHL Stenden starts with a new Excellency Scholarship for bachelor students which will be granted to our best-performing NON-EU/EEA bachelor students during their first and second year of being a student at NHL Stenden. 

Holland Scholarship

Holland Scholarship

About the Holland Scholarship

The Holland Scholarship exclusively applies to the Dutch NHL Stenden campuses. Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and various Dutch higher education institutions (including NHL Stenden), the scholarship in the amount of 5,000 euros is awarded to a select number of first-year students from non-EU/EEA countries.

Please bear in mind that the Holland Scholarship only partially covers the cost of the first year of study. Recipients of this scholarship will receive it after their arrival in the Netherlands in the first semester. It is important that you have a full understanding of tuition fees and the costs of living involved in studying in the Netherlands.

Do you qualify?

To qualify as a candidate for the Holland Scholarship, you must fulfil the requirements below before the 1 February or the 1 May deadline:

  • be a citizen of a non-EU/EEA country;
  • not have previously attended a Dutch institute of higher education;
  • have received a conditional or unconditional offer from NHL Stenden for a bachelor’s programme of your choice;
  • have a high level of English-language proficiency (IELTS 6.5 or higher).

If you do not meet the above qualifications before the 1 February or 1 May deadline, your application will not be considered.

Students from Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe are particularly encouraged to apply for the Holland Scholarship.

How to apply

To apply for the Holland Scholarship at NHL Stenden, please fill out the application form and submit it to csa@nhlstenden.com. Please include a cover letter with the following information:

  • Why you are applying for the Holland Scholarship.
  • What makes you an outstanding candidate for this prestigious scholarship.
  • How you will benefit from being selected.

Details about the Holland Scholarship for the academic year 2020/21 will be announced in October 2019.

If you do not meet the above qualifications, your application will not be considered. 

Download application form

How does NHL Stenden select candidates?

All applicants will be evaluated individually by a committee at NHL Stenden. They will be informed of the outcome personally no later than six weeks after the application deadline. 

Additional information

If you have any questions about the Holland Scholarship, please contact csa@nhlstenden.com.

Orange Tulip Scholarship

Orange Tulip Scholarship

NHL Stenden is proud to participate in the Orange Tulip Scholarship programme. OTS is a joint-effort by Nuffic and various higher education institutions from the Netherlands. The scholarships are administered by Nuffic and its NESO offices globally.

NHL Stenden offers a total of 48 Orange Tulip Scholarships to talented future NHL Stenden master students from Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa or Russia (6 scholarships per country, 2 for each master programme). Each scholarship beneficiary will receive a partial tuition fee waiver of €3,000. This means the recipient's tuition fee will be reduced from €11,500 to € 8,500.

The following 3 master programmes of NHL Stenden participate in the Orange Tulip Scholarship programme:

  • International Hospitality & Service Management
  • Leisure, Tourism & Events Management
  • Content & Media Strategy

Do you qualify?

To qualify as a candidate for one of the Orange Tulip Scholarships you:

  • are holding a passport from either Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Mexico or Russia;
  • have already started your application for either of the 3 participating master programmes (OTS is not available for bachelor courses, please take a look at the Holland Scholarship above);
  • can demonstrate English proficiency at a level of IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent) or above, and a GPA of 70% or higher;
  • have a relevant bachelor's degree. 

How to apply?

  • Follow the steps explained on the application page of our website and apply for the master programme of your choice. 
  • Submit your OTS application separately to the Nuffic NESO office in your country, please select the relevant Nuffic NESO office below.
  • Details about the Orange Tulip Scholarship for the academic year 2020/21 will be announced in October 2019

International NESO offices


Orange Tulip Scholarship

Excellency Scholarship

About the Excellency Scholarship

The Excellency Scholarship is a performance-based financial award, which is granted to our best-performing Non-EU bachelor students. If you are in the top 40 of Non-EU bachelor students at the end of your first or second year at NHL Stenden, you will be awarded a scholarship of €2,000. This is based on the number of ECTS (study points) you have acquired in the previous year at NHL Stenden. If you do exceptionally well two years in a row, you may be awarded a total of €4,000 maximum over the course of your studies at NHL Stenden.

Please be informed that the Excellency Scholarship is not an entry scholarship.

How do you qualify?

If you are a NON-EU bachelor student and you earn at least 54 ECTS (study points) during either your first or second year of studying at NHL Stenden, you will be nominated by NHL Stenden. The 40 best-performing NHL Stenden NON-EU bachelor students per academic year (only year 1 and/or year 2) will be granted a € 2,000 scholarship. If more than 40 students are nominated, those with the highest amount of ECTS (60, 59, 58 and so on) will be selected only. The Excellency Scholarship is also available to NON-EU bachelor students starting in February, students progressing through NHL Stenden’s pre-bachelor language course, or students who have (already) earned themselves a Holland Scholarship upon entering NHL Stenden.

Students selected by NHL Stenden will be informed personally. The awarded amount will be paid to selected students during the first period of the subsequent academic year, the Excellency Scholarship is not applied as a (partial) tuition fee waiver.

Please keep an eye on this webpage for the latest updates regarding the Excellency Scholarship.