Platform Mediawijsheid Friesland
Platform Mediawijsheid Friesland

Platform Media Literacy Friesland

Project leader
Charlotte van Hassel
November 2019 - present
Communication, Media, Design

Platform Media Literacy Friesland has been working since 8 November 2019 to increase media awareness in Friesland. The platform consists of various parties in Friesland that work in or on media literacy. These parties combine their knowledge and skills to jointly develop initiatives that contribute to an increasing level of media literacy among (Frisian) citizens, students, organisations and content creators.

Reason for the project

Media continue to grow and everyone is confronted with them on a daily basis, which is why the platform sees an urgent need to join forces and share knowledge about media literacy in the Friesland region. It is important to highlight different sides: positive and negative aspects of the media; possibilities and consequences of media use; own media use and that of the environment; online and offline media.

Objective of the project

The cooperation between various organisations in the Friesland region makes it possible to support each other in projects and to set up new initiatives around this theme. The aim of these projects is to increase the region's knowledge of the possibilities and dangers of media, to respond to questions from the region and to exchange knowledge as a network.

Project team

NHL Stenden:

  •     Professorship Organisations and Social Media
  •     Communication and Creative Business Academy
  •     Integrated Safety Studies programme
  •     Research group Cybersafety


  •     ICT/DLWO
  •     Fers
  •     Keerwater
  •     ROC Friese Poort, Practoraat Digital Resilience
  •     Studio Zeepsop
  •     New Noardic Wave
  •     Friesland College
  •     Public Health Service - Friesland Parenting Centre

Project approach

The platform is open to linking up with - or collaborating with - other northern initiatives concerning media awareness and digital literacy.

Preliminary results

Each year, the platform organises an event during the Media Literacy Week.