Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are just a few of the interactive applications that companies have had no choice but to embrace. But what role do social media really play in the organisations of our time? How do they use social media to communicate with colleagues, other organisations, consumers and the public at large? What new forms of corporate communications are emerging, and how has the emergence of social media changed the way organisations operate? These are just some of the questions explored by the Department of Organizations and Social Media.

Department of Organizations and Social Media have developed an approach that makes the added value of social media usage clearer to organisations, one which produces tangible results. We examine all different types of organisations and users of social media in our research.

Relationship with education

The Department of Organizations and Social Media is affiliated with NHL Stenden’s course in Media and Entertainment Management. If you are currently a student in this course and are interested in how organisations use social media, you can help the Department by taking part in our research projects. Naturally, we will also focus on the subject of social media and the results of our survey in the lectures you attend. 


The Department has been involved in a number of different projects, all of which focus on one of the following areas of research:

  • New forms of dialogue and intelligent relationships
  • Empowerment
  • Strategic alliances and new forms of solidarity
  • Mutual understanding

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Professor of Applied Sciences in Organizations and Social Media: Dr J. Slevin
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