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Project leader
Charlotte van Hassel
October 2021 - present
Communication, Media, Design

Conspiracy theories, fake news, and filter bubbles can lead to unsubstantiated or extreme opinions. This is something that an influencer may have more influence on than they realize. Therefore, the European Influencers Academy focuses on responsible influence through events, masterclasses, and workshops where influencers engage in meaningful dialogue with other influencers, students, local businesses, and government representatives.

What is the motivation for the project?

Influencers often have a significant influence on their followers, with the influencer being seen as a role model. The European Influencers Academy therefore focuses on raising awareness of this influence and the impact of online communication in society. We do not focus on how to sell more products, develop marketing strategies, or use audiovisual equipment. Our goal is to create awareness about topics such as responsible leadership, meaningful communication, cultural differences, and polarisation.

What problem does the project solve?

By organising so-called 'Swipe Up Weeks', conversations are initiated with European influencers. These weeks are designed to bring together a group of up to 10 European social media influencers to discuss topics related to responsible influencing in an offline setting in Leeuwarden. They follow a programme that allows them to reflect on their role and influence in societal developments. By organising 'Swipe Up Weeks', connections are established between influencers, students, organisations, and researchers. Students participate as organisers, members of the social media team, or researchers to prepare themselves for the future media industry. Additionally, there is room for the professorship to conduct research on various themes in the influencer economy.

Project team

  • Charlotte van Hassel 
  • Deike Schulz
  • MariĆ«l Mosterman
  • Martin Eenkhoorn
  • Sara de Hoog
  • Tessa Kaldenbach

Additionally, the team is supported by students from the courses Creative Business, Communication, and Hotel Management programs. There is also collaboration with RUN-EU partners Politecnico de Leiria and TUS, and Media Innovatie Campus Friesland (MICA).

Project approach

The project team is currently busy with preparations for the Swipe Up Week and conducting research into themes such as responsible leadership, cultural differences, and authenticity in the influencer economy. Additionally, we offer students the opportunity to work as researchers, analysing content on the Instagram pages of European influencers. Their findings provide valuable data for influencers and researchers to reflect on key metrics and trends. The team is open to new collaborations with organisations focusing on influencers and is keen to contribute to new developments in the influencer economy.

Main results

Do you want to know more about the European Influencers Academy and what we do? Take a look at our website or Instagram page.

Sustainable Development Goals

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