11 Sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable Development Goals
SDG 11 Sustainable cities and communities

One of the objectives of the eleventh SDG is to ensure adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services for all, as well as to make improvements to slums, by 2030. NHL Stenden is committed to achieving this goal in various ways. 

Environmentally-conscious facilitation 

We try to facilitate our students as much as possible, preferably in an environmentally conscious fashion. As a sustainable university of applied sciences, we contribute to building a sustainable community each and every day. For example, in addition accommodation for our students, we also offer free coffee and have distributed Dopper water filling stations around several locations of the university to encourage people to refill their reusable bottles. Our Strategic Accommodation Plan sets out our plan to future-proof our student housing, which will entail sustainable energy consumption. Meanwhile, the students at the NHL Stenden Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz (MIWB), who live on campus for the first two years, are able to get a hot meal at the restaurant every day for which they consciously sign up in advance using an app. This means the meals are both appreciated – and any food waste is prevented.  

‘This helps us raise our environmental awareness, implement sustainability policy and create a positive impact.’ 
- Victoria Snouck Hurgronje, sustainability driver within NHL Stenden

Teaching & Research

We offer various minors to our students in which they are able to engage with sustainable communities and in building sustainable environments. The Social Quality professorship focuses on enabling people to utilise their potential, to develop their skills and, in this way, contribute to their environment, such as their own social network, their neighbourhood, their town – and to society. Please find more information below. 

circular economy

Sustainable Society

This minor helps you to enlarge your knowledge of sustainability issues in society such as climate change, energy transition, (gender) inequality and the role of governments and companies.
Sociale Kwaliteit header

Professorship Social Quality

The central question of the professorship is: how can we learn, research and work on social quality together?

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 1

No poverty

A major social problem that we would like to eliminate.

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geen armoede
Goal 2

Zero hunger

Focuses on sustainable and friendly food production and less waste.

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geen honger
Goal 3

Good health and well-being

Tackles smoking, obesity and alcohol consumption to ensure healthy lives.

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goede gezondheid welzijn
Goal 4

Quality education

Our main goal: to provide knowledge and skills for all.

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kwaliteits onderwijs
Goal 5

Gender equality

An equal position in governance and business is key here.

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gender gelijkheid
Goal 6

Clean water and sanitation

We focus on water quality and efficient water use in the Netherlands.

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schoon drinkwater sanitair
Goal 7

Affordable and clean energy

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

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betaalbare duurzame energie
Goal 8

Decent work and economic growth

Economic growth through equitable use of capital, labor and resources.

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waardig werk economische groei
Goal 9

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Sustainability and innovation of mobility and infrastructure.

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industrie innovatie infrastructuur
Goal 10

Reduced inequalities

Reduce inequality within and among countries.

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ongelijkheid verminderen
Goal 12

Responsible consumption and production

More efficient use of resources and sustainable production and consumption.

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verantwoorde consumptie productie
Goal 13

Climate action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

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Goal 14

Life below water

Focuses on clean and livable seas and oceans. Plastic does not belong there.

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leven in het water
Goal 15

Life on land

Focuses on resolving conflicting concerns while respecting nature.

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leven op het land
Goal 16

Peace, justice and strong institutions

Focuses on peace and security, because insecurity has a lot of impact.

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vrede justitie
Goal 17

Partnerships for the goals

Deals with partnerships needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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