Students and staff from Hotel Management School Leeuwarden and NHG plant 600 trees


After graduating from Hotel School Leeuwarden, students not only receive a diploma, a tree is also planted for them. This sustainable initiative is in collaboration with Hotels for Trees Foundation, to which Notiz Hotel is also affiliated. For hotel guests who choose to skip room cleaning, one new tree is planted either domestically or abroad. 

Shoes off, boots on

Last Wednesday marked the final tree planting day of the season, where around thirty students and staff traded their neat shoes for a pair of boots. In Stroobos, they eagerly set to work planting not just one, but two native bush species – hawthorn and privet. In total, around 600 bushes were planted. Together, these will soon form two hedges along the Sarabos.

A sustainable initiative

Hotels for Trees Foundation was established in 2021 by Linde Borger, an Hotel Management School Leeuwarden alumna and Floris Licht, an Hotelschool The Hague alumnus. This sustainable partnership makes a concrete contribution to a greener hotel world in which one new tree is planted for every day a guest chooses to skip room cleaning. 150 hotels are affiliated with them, and 400 trees are planted daily. Hotels for Trees collaborates with Trees for All Foundation to implement reforestation projects. These projects aim to enrich local biodiversity and restore crucial landscape elements. 

The next graduation ceremony is on Saturday 20 April. Hotel Management School Leeuwarden will again have its feet in the mud, as a tree will also be planted for these students. 

Sustainable Development Goals

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