This professorship (applied sciences) started in mid-2016 with the inauguration of Professor Jacqueline Rietveld. From the beginning, the professorship heavily invested in the curriculum of the Human Resource Management (HRM) study programme in the Academy of International Business Administration. In DBE ateliers with HRM students and (research) lecturers, regional companies and organisations receive support for their HR questions aimed at innovations. The combination of young professionals and experts in the field generates new energy and insights, to the satisfaction of the clients.

Human capital management is of crucial importance for sectors that are in transition. Companies and organisations contact the professorship for research and consultation in the area of pressing HR questions, such as a sufficient influx, democratisation in innovation processes for future work, transition skills or including people with lower prospects in the labour market. After all, the continued existence of a(n innovating) company, depends on having sufficient qualified personnel. 

The professorship is part of the Vital Economy Research Group and the Vital Regions focus area of NHL Stenden University.

Research & education & the field

The professorship plays a vital role in securing  research within the ‘design-based’ HRM curricula. Students from all four years conduct practice-based research into HR issues, which allows them to develop into innovative and value-driven professionals. They do this in a multi-disciplinary capacity, for instance, with Social Work and Business Administration students. This prompts their research abilities to be further developed and the development of up-to-date knowledge directly benefits the HRM curriculum and those companies who provide cases. An example of this is the workplace in which third and fourth-year students research the development of an HR toolkit for the transport sector (NOW Human Capital project CHANGE GEAR, learning communities as innovation catalysts in logistics).

World wise professional

The professorship aims to give the HRM programme a special feature in higher education; that of the ‘World wise Professional’. Through the professorship, the HRM programme aims to take the lead in developing learning outcomes and curricula across the NHL Stenden organisation.

Research method

The professorship conducts practical research for organisations that have HR questions. In design-orientated research approaches, a wide range of narrative, qualitative and quantitative research methods are employed. Methodically speaking, the professorship acts in accordance with the philosophy of William James, from the principle that knowledge does not only lie in memory, but even more so in activity. In a setting of action-based research, experts from the field are questioned about new ideas for the improvement of ‘future proof’ activities. In this inclusive methodology, professionals add their own story to a public collection of knowledge.

Contact information

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
Academy of International Business Administration
Human Resource Management programme

Dr Jacqueline R. Rietveld

Team members


  • KIEM 21st Century Skills: a profile for value-driven economic professionals
  • NWO Human Capital: CHANGE GEAR learning communities as innovation catalysts in logistics

Publications and media posts

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Additional positions

2020               Confidential counsellor scientific integrity NHL Stenden

2019                Editorial board Vital Regions II

2019                Academic board

2018                Academic board European Centre of Evidence Based Mentoring

2017                Business subsidy Dutch Techzone

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