Entrepreneurship and Retail Management

Entrepreneurship and Retail Management course overview

The Entrepreneurship and Retail Management degree at NHL Stenden gives you the tools you need to think and act strategically in the global business world. You explore the world of entrepreneurship placing yourself in the shoes of your target group, identifying their customer journey, the market and developments. You learn about the day-to-day operations of running a company, purchasing, logistics, HR and Finance and specialise in the field that particularly interests you. With the global and strategic perspectives you develop and the international experience you gain, you'll have a head start with your career.  


The programme for Entrepreneurship and Retail Management 

The programme covers a wide range of aspects of retail and entrepreneurship, from marketing to account management, and from data science to sustainability. You’ll also develop your personal skills and intercultural awareness as well as your language skills. These skills are integrated into the programme and developed through the practical assignments you do as well as during your internship.

Download the brochure to get a really useful one-page overview of the curriculum with a description of the modules and a list of subjects per year, the study load and the ECTS you can earn. Use it to compare the programme with other studies you’re interested in.

Specialisations for Entrepreneurship & Retail Management  

In your third year of Entrepreneurship & Retail Management, you get to specialise by taking a number of minors.

  • Business Innovation & Marketing (Bangkok, Thailand)
    An excellent opportunity to get familiar with Asian markets as you develop a feasible plan to introduce and market a product or service in Thailand and consequently the ASEAN region.
  • Critical Thinking & Data-Driven Decision Making (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands) 
    This minor brings together qualitative and quantitative knowledge and skills. It covers data collection and analysis, critical thinking and decision-making approaches, so that students can analyse real-life problems and find feasible solutions. 

  • The Business Consultant (Bali)
    Sharpen your financial literacy as you work with a client on a business problem. Covering skills from business research to calculating returns on investment, this minor will give you a head start when it comes to understanding business finances. 

Course Catalogue

The course catalogue contains detailed information on the programme, so that you can compare different studies or get a more in-depth understanding of what the programme entails.

Practical approach of Entrepreneurship and Retail Management

We aim to help you put theory into practice as quickly as possible. Through our educational concept, Design-Based Education (DBE), you work in small teams of students, teachers, researchers and industry professionals. You tackle current, real-life issues developing and adapting your visions and ideas to form a solid solution. And you gain yet more practical experience during your internship in your final year.  

International opportunities

We want to prepare you for an international, intercultural, and ever-changing environment, so that you can dive into the unknown and gain experience in an international context. It is possible with our Grand Tour, Exchange programme or one of our mobility options offered by RUN-EU. Or you can choose to do your internship abroad. You’ll be able to put together the right combination of courses and internships to develop both your professional and personal skills – and develop your own network for the future.

Center for Entrepreneurship

If you’ve already turned your dream for your own business into a reality, you could consider doing your internship in your own start-up. The Center for Entrepreneurship at NHL Stenden can advise you on how to do this. It also offers workshops, networking events, guest speaker sessions and help with making sure working on your own company and studying at the same time gets even better – and more doable. 

Is this the degree for you?

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