Your future after completing the Logistics Management programme

As a logistics manager, you carry out diverse and essential work with opportunities in a wide range of sectors and companies. You use your skills to ensure key business processes run smoothly and effectively, from purchasing to inventory management, warehousing, production management, planning and scheduling, transport and supply chain management. 



A bachelor’s degree in Logistics Management gives you excellent career prospects both nationally and internationally. And you get an extra headstart with the Green Logistics specialization that forms a part of the degree and your Green Belt certification. With this specialist knowledge in supply chain management in the circular economy and change processes, you’re assured of a career with opportunities. 

Careers open to you after graduation include: 

  • Logistics Manager 

  • Planner/Scheduler 

  • Warehouse Manager 

  • Transport manager 

  • Supply Chain Manager 

  • Purchase Manager 

Our graduates work for companies such as Bosch, BASF, Oldenburger Fritom, AUDI, Friesland Campina, DOC Kaas, Yacht, SCANIA, Wehkamp, Forbo, Spectrum Brands.

Dennis Schuten
“Choosing this study worked out well for me”
Dennis Schuten
Alumnus Logistics Management

Continue your studies 

Take your passion for logistics to the next level with a master’s degree.  A master’s degree is your chance to specialise further in a particular area of logistics that interests you, so you can take your insights and skills to the next level.   


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